If you are yearning for an organization working on local, national, and international issues, with the capability to provide the tools you need for reflection and collective action, then we invite you to join us!  In addition to a US section, including our WILPF Triangle branch, WILPF has an International Office in Geneva and has consultative status at the United Nations.  Our global network of grassroots activist members works to create peace and justice from the community level to the international level. 

Annual dues are $35, and are submitted to WILPF US:  Gfit Information (

When you join WILPF, you receive membership in your local branch (WILPF Triangle), WILPF US Section, and WILPF International.  Membership includes:

  • Peace & Freedom magazine, eAlerts, eNews, and timely petitions
  • The opportunity to join and work with US WILPF’s issue committees—or form a new one! (see
  • The right to vote in electing WILPF US Board officers and members
  • An opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and contribute your skills and talents to the work of WILPF

We welcome you and look forward to working with you for peace and freedom!