WILPF Triangle (in earlier years WILPF Chapel Hill branch) has a long and proud history, having been established in 1935 (WILPF was founded in 1915). A wealth of material documenting much of WILPF Triangle’s early work from 1939-2004 can be found in the Duke University Libraries Archives; the link below describes these holdings.

For more than a decade, WILPF Triangle had a weekly radio show. WILPF Wake-Up Call, on WCOM 103.5, Carrboro’s listener-supported radio. Many of the recordings from 2008-2016 can be found here.  Many of the videos from 2018-2020 can be viewed here.   

For many years, WILPF Triangle had a regular Newsletter.  In addition to the newsletters in the Duke University archives, many of the copies from 2009-2019 can be viewed in the link below.  We now use the News section of the website, as well as our Facebook page, to provide even more timely updates of branch activities.