About Us

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) was founded in 1915 with Jane Addams, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, as its first president. For more history, go to www.wilpfus.org.

WILPF empowers women to work effectively for peace and justice in over 100 U.S. communities and 40 nations around the world. The Triangle Area Branch was one of the first in the United States (1935). We invite you to be part of it!

Join your sisters in WILPF to:

· UNITE in a worldwide sisterhood of peace and justice;
· BUILD a constructive peace through world disarmament;
· WORK for the equality of all people in a world free of sexism and racism;
· CREATE lasting social change and worldwide peace and justice.

ISSUES and ACTIONS: We actively support the national WILPF initiatives, with Triangle members serving on the Middle East, Earth Democracy, and Corporation vs. Democracy national committees. Our key focus areas are:

· Peace and Human Rights,

· Key Focus Area – Anti-Racism,

· Labor and Economic Justice,

· Environmental Justice, and

· Corporate Globalization.

We are members of the Orange County Peace Coalition, the HKonJ Coalition, and many of our members are Raging Grannies.